Camera Systems

A video surveillance system will provide you with the ability to monitor and record activity in numerous areas of your home or business from a single location. We custom design video systems to fit your needs and offer everything from just the basics to systems that can read license plates and record for over a month.

Common uses for video surveillance include:

  • Entrance/Exit Monitoring: This can be as simple as knowing who turned into the driveway to making sure employees stay on the job
  • Workplace / Production Monitoring: Make sure everything is running smoothly even if you are not there in person
  • Child Safety and Monitoring: Check on a sleeping baby, check on the babysitter, make sure your toddler is not near the swimming pool or anywhere else that could be dangerous for them
  • Pet Monitoring: Unlock the secrets of what your pets REALLY do all day when you’re not home
  • Crime Prevention: Keep an eye on your merchandise and your premises

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