• Why would I ever need a security system? [+]
    A well designed security system will provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your home or business, knowing that all connected doors and windows are closed. there are options to keep track of who comes or goes, be notified via phone, text, or email if something is amiss and rest assured with 24×7 police and fire response in case the unexpected happens.


  • I heard that security systems are very expensive, I am a home owner / small business owner on a budget – are there any options for me? [+]
    Security Systems come in all sizes and can fit any budget. Payments can be spread out over several months. You can always start out with the basics, and then add on over time. We can design a system that fits almost any budget.


  • What kind of customer service can I expect after the sale? [+]
    We provide top notch service, and our customers are our first priority. If it’s an emergency we will be out that day – even if it’s not an emergency, we will very likely be able to provide same day service.


  • There are homes in our neighborhood that frequently have their security alarm activate when the owners are not home. I don’t want my security system to be a source of irritation to my neighbors and have been reluctant to install one for this reason. Do you have any advice? [+]
    False alarms are caused by an improperly designed system, installation errors and /or low quality equipment. With all the technology out there today, there is no reason for repeated false alarms. Secure Projects has over 30 years of experence designing and installing systems that use proven equipment.


  • I have small children who like to push buttons – how can I prevent them from accidentally reconfiguring my entire system or triggering a false alarm. [+]
    Our security systems can require a code to arm and cannot be accidentally reconfigured. There are also additional measures you can take and your installer will explain the various options so that you have a system you are comfortable with.